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"While we haven't needed care or assistance, if we do, it's comforting to know Navigation is available anytime."

Wellness Navigator

When you become a member of Navigation by Salemtowne, you can rest assured that someone who knows you and your plans for the future is dedicated to taking action on your behalf. 

Your Wellness Navigator partners with you to efficiently, professionally, and reliably anticipate any holes in your future's safety net and help fill them. For example, after elective surgery, your Navigator may coordinate services like temporary meal delivery, transportation, and household help so you can focus on getting better and enjoying time with your friends and family.

By coordinating with a number of outside service providers, your Wellness Navigator offers short- and long-term confidence throughout your future. Take the burden off your family and allow your Navigator to calm potential storms for you.

Meet Our Team

With a passion for caring for older adults, our health care professionals work together as your personal team to provide you with the best in coordinating services and offering care if and when you need it.
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  • be 62 years or older
  • live independently within the Triad
  • be financially and medically independent
  • maintain Medicare
  • have a supplemental health insurance policy