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"Join Navigation now, while you're healthy, because you may not qualify in the future."

How it Works

Navigation by Salemtowne partners with you to craft a personalized plan that helps you get the most out of now while anticipating for what you may need in the future.

Choose from three comprehensive options designed to allow you to stay at home as long as possible. As a member, your dedicated support team will form around you including your family, medical doctor, and your personal Wellness Navigator.

Qualified applicants of Navigation by Salemtowne simply pay a one-time membership and a monthly fee thereafter. A portion of these fees may be tax-deductible as a prepaid medical expense.

Member Benefits

Navigation by Salemtowne's numerous benefits follow you throughout your life.
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  • be 62 years or older
  • live independently within the Triad
  • be financially and medically independent
  • maintain Medicare
  • have a supplemental health insurance policy