What is Navigation by Salemtowne?

A division of Salemtowne Retirement Community, Navigation by Salemtowne is a not for profit continuing care community without walls, designed for older adults who are healthy and independent, want to invest in their future, and remain in their own homes.

How do you become a member?

Interested persons age 62 and older, who are reasonably healthy and living independently, may apply for membership, which includes a medical and financial screening.  There is a one-time membership investment based on age and the membership option chosen. Fees are discounted for two people in the same household.

How is Navigation by Salemtowne different from long-term care insurance?

Navigation by Salemtowne is more comprehensive than most long-term care insurance plans. The program focuses not only on coordinating long-term care services for a member for the rest of their life, but also on preserving assets as the costs of care rise in the future. We strive to develop close relationships between our members and their care coordinators starting with the day they join the program. We concentrate on quality of care, quality of life, and giving our members peace of mind.

What are some of the benefits Navigation by Salemtowne offers over other alternatives?

A personal Wellness Navigator is the key to the success of this program. The Wellness Navigator is a professional who coordinates all aspects of care when needed, as well as promoting proactive care and a healthy lifestyle.  We guarantee that each member will receive high quality care as soon as it is needed.  There are no waiting periods.  Navigation values the sense of “community” for which Salemtowne is known.

How would your program work with my long term care insurance policy?

If you already have a long term care insurance policy, this program would in essence wrap around your long term care insurance policy and fill in any gaps. We offer a no-obligation review of your current long term care policy to compare it to the benefits you receive with Navigation. 

If I join your program, do I need my medical insurance?

Yes, you will need your health insurance coverage. Our program does not take the place of your medical insurance. We may assist in the coordination of benefits, for example, therapy services and durable medical equipment may likely be covered by Medicare and/or your supplemental health insurance, but we can assist you in coordinating the benefit and overseeing the implementation of those services.

Can I/we afford to join the program?

People often think they cannot afford the program.  We can do a no-obligation financial evaluation to see if you qualify.  The costs of care are continuously going up.  By investing in Navigation by Salemtowne, you are putting aside resources now to use in the future.  Navigation allows an individual to pay for a lifetime of care with today’s dollars for their future long term care.

Is my monthly fee going to increase every year?

Typically, monthly fees are adjusted on an annual basis. In order to ensure the stability and longevity of the program, the fees are based on the overall cost of care as determined by an outside actuarial firm; they are not based on your individual cost of care.

What happens if I join the program and I never need care, do I lose all that money?

Our goal is to keep you healthy and independent. Even if you did not receive care, we will be working with you to maintain your health and independence. 

How does your program work if I move?

At this time, the program is active only in the current service area, which is the surrounding 40 miles from Salemtowne. We are working on expanding our area to include the state of North Carolina, and beyond.

Who decides what type and how much care I receive?

You and your Wellness Navigator will work together to decide what is best for you. Ultimately you will make the decisions regarding your care.

What if I don’t like my care giver?

If you do not like your caregiver, call your Wellness Navigator. It is not always a perfect match and we work with you and our providers to make sure your needs are being met.

What disqualifies me from your program?

We assess and evaluate everyone individually. In order to qualify, you need to be reasonably healthy and independent. If someone has been diagnosed with a progressive neurological disorder, they likely will not qualify.  We ask for your medical records, the Wellness Navigator will do a coordination assessment, and our medical director at the Sticht’s Center may review your records.

Why do we need Navigation by Salemtowne when we are healthy and active?

To join this program you need to be relatively healthy and independent. Your plan is created with your Wellness Navigator, and your needs are clearly spelled out.  The ideal time to make a plan is when you are healthy before a crisis occurs. Our program works for you in times of sickness and in health. There are numerous benefits that you can take advantage of to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Not to mention all of the amenities at Salemtowne CCRC!

We don’t think that we will need it.

Most of the members hope that to be the case as well! Members do not join this program in hopes of getting 24/7 nursing care. The program is designed to promote health and wellness by helping you take a proactive approach to your own well-being. In the event that you do need care, you will have access to quality care when you need it, for as long as you need it. The goal for most members is to stay healthy and independent while living in their homes. They have peace of mind knowing a professional, qualified team is on their side if anything changes.  

Couldn’t we arrange for care on our own?

During a crisis, the stress you are under can be overwhelming. Trying to coordinate care at that time is an added stressor that Navigation by Salemtowne takes on for you. Creating a plan today when you are well and healthy, long before you ever need it, allows you to continue enjoying your life without worrying about long-term care. You and your loved ones have the peace of mind that both the dollars and the plans are already in place to avoid making last minute decisions in a crisis.

Why would I join Navigation by Salemtowne instead of just paying for care when I need it?

Today, nursing home level care in our community costs an average of over $250.00 a day with costs for care increasing annually. It is nearly impossible to determine how expensive care will be when you actually need it. Costs can add up quickly. Because most long-term care costs are not covered by health insurance or Medicare, many families experience financial hardships. By joining Navigation, you are controlling your costs of care by investing now and paying a low monthly fee.